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Real Estate: a weapon of mass recruitment?

In 1947 the Cité Radieuse—the renowned residential project in Marseille, famed for its brutalist, concrete architecture—became one of the first developments in the world to integrate health and wellbeing facilities into its design. This was largely thanks to the forward-thinking architect, Le Corbusier, who is credited with establishing Modern Architecture. Under his five-point principles, he …

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Do smarter buildings make employees happier?

Buildings are getting smarter. Does that mean employees are getting happier?...

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A roadmap to navigate the Future of Work

We’re standing on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Converging industries...

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The link between workplace design and business strategy

Savvy companies recognize that workspaces contribute to any progressive business strategy. An...

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Why change programs need an Agile mindset

What is the most challenging phase for any organization? Enduring and managing...

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How to lead change in the workplace

- Change is difficult. Staff work habits and workplace arrangements hold great unspoken power in...

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Getting your organization ahead in the corporate race

- I’ve been in the real estate industry for so long that I remember when...

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Our approach to overcoming the talent shortage in data and analytics

- Data and analytics play an important part in the corporate real estate (CRE) industry...

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