Future of Work – Visionary look into the changing world of work

Future of Work

A visionary look into the changing world of work

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Game Theory: The secret to envisioning workplace success

Not all workplace programs are created equal. Some are able to inspire, generate and sustain high levels of engagement.

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The link between workplace design and business strategy

Savvy companies recognize that workspaces contribute to any progressive business strategy. An...

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Why change programs need an Agile mindset

What is the most challenging phase for any organization? Enduring and managing...

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How start-ups can successfully integrate within a large corporate

Corporates in search for new ideas and innovations are increasingly looking towards...

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Future of Work  Article

A roadmap to navigate the Future of Work

We’re standing on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Converging industries...

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- While office environments have been getting more innovative with LEED Platinum and WELL certified...

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Get Smart, Get Healthy

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Our approach to overcoming the talent shortage in data and analytics

- Data and analytics play an important part in the corporate real estate (CRE) industry...

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