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Workplace – powered by human experience

A place of work is far more than a property. It is a living environment that helps individuals and businesses craft and experience a better fusion of life and work.

Our latest report, Workplace: Powered by Human Experience, delves into how Australian employees feel about their workplace and explores the three key areas that you need to address to provide the best experience for your workers: Engagement, Empowerment and Fulfilment.

Did you know?

  1. Around two-thirds of Australian employees are only somewhat
    engaged or worse
  2. In Australia, happiness and recognition are the biggest contributors to a
    unique work experience
  3. Workplace densities in Australia are among the lowest in the region–if
    not the world
  4. Nearly eight out of 10 Australian respondents would like to see their companies appoint someone dedicated to driving experience and wellbeing at work.

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What's Inside

“We’re in the age of the ‘empowered’ worker where choice and flexibility rule. Australian employers need to think beyond just collaborative and communal spaces to create experience led workplaces. Workplaces that embrace happiness and wellbeing.”
Rajiv Nagrath
Executive Director & Chair, Corporate Solutions, JLL Australia
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