The Human Revolution

The ideal workplace of 2030 will look very different to most office spaces now, or at least it should do if employers want to attract the best in the business, keeping them happy and productive.

Our latest report, The Human Revolution, explores how community, wellness and design will disrupt the property industry between now and 2030. The findings are a result of our partnership with TEDxSydney where we explored what disruptors will have the biggest impact on the way we live and work in the year 2030.

This is what they told us:

  1. Harnessing employee innovation is the best way companies can position themselves for the future.
  2. Workspaces designed with healthy, happy employees in mind will be more likely to attract talent.
  3. A lack of innovation is the biggest handicap for Australian corporates moving towards 2030.
  4. People crave human interactions and are far more inspired by people than robots or AI.

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What's Inside

"In the workplace of the future, sharing will be the norm and creating a sense of community will be key. Buildings and workplaces needs to be agile to respond to the changing landscape so that they give people they spaces they need to breathe, create and collaborate."
Marie Puybaraud
Global Head of Research, Corporate Solutions, JLL
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