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The workplace is more than a just a place fitted with desks and chairs, it is much more—it is a living environment that helps both you and your organization craft and experience a rewarding fusion of life and work.

JLL’s exclusive global research project reveals experience to be a primary differentiator whenever individuals engage with an organization, and this should play a core role in every company—both strategically and operationally.

What can a transformational workplace experience do for your organization?

  • Impact employee engagement, empowerment and fulfillment
  • Cement the link between professional satisfaction and happiness
  • Increase productivity and quality of life

How does Human Experience look like in Asia Pacific? Click on the geography of interest to find out more:




Key highlights

  1. How people work today and how their workspaces impact effectiveness
  2. Top five innovative workplaces to consider for your organization
  3. Your next steps toward the human experience journey

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What's Inside

"Human Experience is the impression an organization leaves on its people that is beyond the physical environment, resulting in greater engagement, professional empowerment and a sense of fulfillment."
Marie Puybaraud
Global Head of Research, Corporate Solutions, JLL
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